1. Is There A Love There?

  2. Into The Cold

  3. Really I Don't

  4. The Birds: A Reinterpretation

  5. Doors And Bridges
    Eugene Critchley

  6. Vacuum Anthem, Cassette One

  7. Vacuum Anthem, Cassette Two

  8. Expressway To Yr. Skull

  9. Dirty Boots: A Reinterpretation

  10. Detritus

  11. The Diamond Sea: A Reinterpretation

  12. Pervasive Worthlessness
    Eugene Critchley

  13. Pessimism Totale, Cassette One
    Eugene Critchley

  14. I Am So Filled With Love It Is Still Too Much To Bear
    Eugene Critchley

  15. Pessimism Totale, Cassette Two
    Eugene Critchley

  16. Randolph's Tango

  17. Uncertainty

  18. Without You What Does My Life Amount To?

  19. Oblivion Adorned/Adorning Oblivion

  20. Ten Or Fifteen Times

  21. Dead Poets Society: A Reinterpretation

  22. Gummo III: Full Of Beauty And Illusions

  23. Dreams Of Flame

  24. The Majesty of the Lidless Eye (Remastered and Expanded)

  25. The Aura Of Collapse (Remastered and Expanded)

  26. Gummo: Complete

  27. Fargo: A Reinterpretation

  28. Persepolis: A Reinterpretation (Tape Three)

  29. Persepolis: A Reinterpretation (Tape Two)

  30. Persepolis: A Reinterpretation (Tape One)

  31. Escape From New York: A Reinterpretation

  32. Foxcatcher: A Reinterpretation

  33. And They Always Come Willingly

  34. Twelve Suicides: Cory Strand

  35. Possession: A Reinterpretation (Noise Version)

  36. Akira: A Reinterpretation (Disc 11)

  37. The Blizzard

  38. Hypnothermia

  39. Hannibal Chew

  40. J.F. Sebastien

  41. Tyrell

  42. Rachael

  43. Every Breath You Take

  44. Anxiety

  45. Into An Infinite Black: Complete

  46. Potternalia

  47. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: A Reinterpretation

  48. They Only See This One Side
    Cory Strand/Lethe

  49. Hellraiser: A Reinterpretation

  50. Day Of The Dead: A Reinterpretation

  51. To The Wonder: A Reinterpretation

  52. Batman 1989: Complete

  53. Scathelore

  54. Castlevania: A Reinterpretation

  55. Double Noise Gonzo

  56. The Shining: Ancillaries, Vol. I - VII

  57. Embryonic Death

  58. The Shining: A Reinterpretation

  59. Devouement/Vortex
    Fantome De Sang

  60. Maladif Lune
    Fantome De Sang

  61. Sauvagarie Nihiliste
    Fantome De Sang

  62. Big Trouble In Little China: A Reinterpretation

  63. Nosferatu: A Reinterpretation

  64. The Glamour Of Paris Hilton's Closet

  65. Fire Walk With Me: A Reinterpretation

  66. Manson Ambient

  67. Inland Empire: A Reinterpretation

  68. Breaking Bad: Main Title Rework

  69. I Will Be Reborn

  70. The Motherfucking Princess

  71. Under A Regressive Norwegian Moon

  72. Words And Dreams And A Million Screams

  73. Because He Could

  74. Christine: A Reinterpretation

  75. Halloween: A Reinterpretation

  76. River's Edge: A Reinterpretation

  77. The Turin Horse

  78. Wintertide

  79. Everything Louder Than Everything Else (Infinity Series)

  80. Alive In The Night/Awash In Blood

  81. Jealousy

  82. Mr. Anderson Thinks That Everything Inside Of Him Is Worthless And Embarassing

  83. Unconditionally In The Background

  84. The Long Bright Dark (Preview)

  85. Good Time (Lovely and Inane Remix)/A Catalogue of Vacancies

  86. Love Is Such A Science

  87. Cultural Subordination

  88. A Litany of Failure: Home Recordings/Covers

  89. Fugue OST

  90. Pretension and Release, Vol. Five
    The Kafka Dreams

  91. Pretension and Release, Vol. One
    The Kafka Dreams

  92. Pretension and Release, Vol. Two
    The Kafka Dreams

  93. Pretension and Release, Vol. Three
    The Kafka Dreams

  94. Pretension and Release, Vol. Four
    The Kafka Dreams

  95. Song for Kelly

  96. Snuggle Up To Lakitu (Demo)

  97. Aftermath of a Disagreement Theme (Lead Version)

  98. Party Tonight


Cory Strand Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm the guitarist/songwriter in Dreamless and a member of Yog-Sothoth and the Kafka Dreams, as well as a noise and drone/ambient composer. This solo page is just for fun, with samples of lots of my projects.

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